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PIR stands for

People in Recovery
PIR to PIR is an offering from people in recovery to people in recovery. It is a site to find mindfulness tools that integrate program literature and other works that offer helpful information to live a sober life.
Sobriety is not just freedom from alcohol. Being sober is about being healthy, in mind, body and spirit. Sobriety includes crafting your life in a way that offers you happiness, joy and freedom. You continue to let go of the limiting beliefs that told you that you are anything but a glorious child of our creator. Call that creator what you like.

As you practice mindfulness, you begin to settle in to living life in the here and now. Go slowly. Savor the process and don’t miss out. You’ve come so far.

The audios available here were recorded as part of an eight-week Sunlight of the Spirit series for people in recovery. Check back often as new content will be added so that, should you be interested, you can be a part of that offering.
The website, content and materials offered are part of a service offering to the wider fellowship of members. If you like what you hear and are able and willing to offer financial support for others in recovery, please donate what you can. Proceeds go to not-for-profit transition homes for men and women to get back on their feet. Here is who we are featuring:
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Thank you for visiting. Please enjoy the audios.